• Pet Wellness Plans

    Pet Well Plans for Sea to Sky corridor pet owners.

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  • Homeopathy

    Homeopathy in the Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish areas.

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  • Nutrition

    See the difference raw food makes in your pet’s health.

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  • After Hours Emergency services

    House calls can be booked by appointment.
    After hours emergency call line available

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We use homeopathy ,natural products and supplements in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine to better help you and your pet.
In this way our practice is different than other clinics. Rather than emphasizing charges for medicines,vaccinations and surgeries, we base are fees on time spent on a case.

Wellness Exams

Type of Appointment
Visit Length Cost
Well puppy or kitten,initial visit,minimal consult 15 min $75.00
Well puppy or kitten ,initial visit , extended consult 15-30 min $97.00
Annual Exam-no problems – does not include diagnostics 15 min $75.00
Annual Exam-extended – does not include diagnostics 15-30 min $97.00

Additional time spent with the Dr. will be billed per 10 minutes at a rate of $44.00 per/10minutes

Homeopathy Consults

Type of Appointment Visit Length Cost
Complete Homeopathy Intake/chronic or well 60-90 min $185.00
Homeopathy Follow up  – minimum 15 min $45.00
Homeopathy Follow up –  extended 15-30 min $90.00
Phone Consultation $40.00
Case Analysis (time spent on case) $44.00

Nutritional Consultation

Type of Appointment Visit Length Cost
Basic 15 min $30.00
Extended 30 min $55.00

Vaccinations- Titre Testing

Vaccinations are only given to well animals,therefore a minimal exam will be done and charges will be applied to your visit

Canine Distemper/Parvo $30.00
Rabies $30.00
Bordetella $30.00
Feline Distemper $30.00

​​​Please see our Vaccination Policy page for further details


We also offer

  • Ultrasound
  • Dental Exams,Cleaning and Extractions
  • Microchip and Tattoos
  • In House Blood diagnostics/In house Urinalysis
  • Idexx Labratory for more extensive testing
  • Daycare and Boarding