• Pet Wellness Plans

    Pet Well Plans for Sea to Sky corridor pet owners.

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  • Homeopathy

    Homeopathy in the Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish areas.

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  • Nutrition

    See the difference raw food makes in your pet’s health.

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  • After Hours Emergency services

    House calls can be booked by appointment.
    After hours emergency call line available

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Phone Consultations can be booked by calling the office.The fee for these consultations with Dr. Gordon is approximately $80.00.This includes your consult,case analysis and prescription written for in clinic pick up.Prescriptions/Remedies and Supplements are an additional fee.An additional fee for shipping will be applied if neccessary to send out remedies or supplements.

Case analysis is the time spent going over your case and finding the remedy that fits the condition and personality of your animal.

We find that it is not always convenient to visit the office or you may have a quick question regarding the health of your pet.

After hours emergency calls will also be billed according to this fee.