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The Following is a quick guide to homeopathic first aid for animals . Please be sure to call your veterinarian and seek consult if any of the following incidents happen to your pet , homeopathic remedies can be given on route to your veterinary clinic

  1. Arnica1Mgive after Aconite (immediately after is fine). If there has been physical trauma IE falls, hit by a car, bruising, bleeding, dog, bear attacks.

    DosingRecent trauma: 1 dose 10 minutes apart for 2 doses, then another dose 20 min later, then a forth dose a couple of hours later. Sprains and strains or lameness: give 3 doses in 24 hrs for a couple of days.

  2. Nux-Vomica 200CIf there has been exposure to toxins or drugs IE Tylenol, pesticides, anti-freeze (give it on the way to the vet!!!), marijuana, rat poison, strychnine, etc. Also good for disordered stomach from over-eating or if they have eaten dark chocolate.

    Dosing– 2 doses 20 minutes apart, 3rd dose 2 hrs later.

  3. Arsenicum Food poisoning (any bacterial poisoning), gastritis with vomiting or diarrhea (often with acrid, offensive watery stools or bloody stools). Acute gastroenteritis with vomiting or diarrhea, sometimes simultaneously. Can be very restless especially after midnight.

    Dosing– give 2 doses 20 minutes apart, then 3rd in 2 hrs.

  4. Ledum 200C1st defense for puncture wounds (nails, pieces of wood), tick bites, insect bites (mosquitos, fleas, ants), also do or cat bites. 1

    Dosing -1-3 doses in 24 hrs then stop.

  5. Hepar- Sulph 200 CHomeopathic “Antibiotic”. Give after Ledum for dog, cat bites. Also good for abscesses (extremely painful), ear infections that are really painful.

    Dosing– 3 doses in 24 hrs x 2-3 days

  6. Aconite 1M:Shock from trauma. 1st defense for accidents, injuries (dog attacks, sprains, fractures, hit by a car etc).

          Also good for fear anxiety from fireworks, loud noises, thunderstorms etc.

          Dosing– 1 to 2 doses 20 minutes apart, may only need 1 dose.