• Pet Wellness Plans

    Pet Well Plans for Sea to Sky corridor pet owners.

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  • Homeopathy

    Homeopathy in the Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish areas.

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  • Nutrition

    See the difference raw food makes in your pet’s health.

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  • After Hours Emergency services

    House calls can be booked by appointment.
    After hours emergency call line available

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Vaccination Policy

We at the Animal Health Clinic believe that over vaccinating is an unneccessary practice

We reccomend giving your puppy there first shots at 10-12 weeks old , followed by only a second vaccine at 14-16 weeks

Yearly titre testing can replace  yearly vaccines to make sure that your animals immunity to such diseases as distemper and parvo are intack.

The following is an article we recommend that you read before deciding to vaccinate your pet , as allows speaking with your veterinarian before deciding what is best for your pet is recommended.